Sand Fire
October 18, 2017 11:39 PM Standard Format
I had captured a few glimpses of this ship which was working on the Gold Coast for a few weeks relocating sand back to the shore. The ship collects sand from deeper waters then manoeuvres toward the shore spraying the sand back to the shoreline. I prepared for a sunrise when the ship was in the right location and the final image didn't disappoint me. The drama of the sun behind the sand spray looked liked fire and smoke with seagulls scrambling amongst it for tasty morsels that had bec ......
Gold Dust
September 23, 2009 12:30 AM Standard Format
This was one of those surreal moments where my senses were being bombarded with the effects of a huge dust storm that had blown across to the coast of Sydney over night. Normally through these trees at Narrabeen you could see a lake and hills with houses in the background however, the dust had provided me with a blank canvas. The edge of the lake can be seen as the defined line just beyond the trees and looking closely you can just make out the ripples in the water. The higher the sun ......
Silhouette of Hope
February 1, 2009 04:58 AM Standard Format
I was on North Curl Curl Beach for the sunrise when I noticed this fisherman had arrived. I re-positioned and took the shot only noticing later that a swimmer in the sea pool had also managed to become part of the picture. The fresh morning sun glistens the top of the waves and the brightness turned the fisherman into a perfect silhouette and I know all to well the hope of 'the big one' that goes with fishing. BUY To view purchase options select the 'Buy Ph ......
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