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A little about my life with photography...  As a child I was fascinated by my Grandfather and Uncles skill as artists and they spent many hours teaching me which I continued with through school. In those days a career as an artist wasn't considered a viable option so, after high school I studied electrical engineering as second choice to my preference of computer science however, in retrospect it turns out this wasn't such a bad thing. I developed a keen interest in electronics and how things worked often pulling apart perfectly good gadgets to see what was inside and when I started working life I purchased my first computer and it wasn't long before I had found my way around and was programming some code.  

       The early days... 11 years old, with camera,
exploring Scotland's North coast where I lived for a number of years.

I had received my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic (not sure what Instamatic meant, it was neither instant or automatic) as a Birthday gift from my Parents at 8 years of age and for a number of years I took photos of anything and everything, I still have the boxes of prints and slides. In my late teens I purchased an SLR camera, a Practika MTL3 and over time taking photographs became an occasional activity with work and business ruling my time for many, many years. Then one day my best friend asked me to photograph her wedding, something I had never seriously considered so, I dusted off the Practika and needless to say my long lost passion was partially re-ignited. Full ignition came a few short years later when digital cameras became main stream and I bought my first Nikon a D200, now...... I was really feeling the love. A camera that shows the results of a photograph instantly then plugs into the computer for all sorts of wonderment... wow.

 It wasn't long before I was photographing, weddings, products, portraits and real estate among other things however, I discovered my 'full Zen mode' kicks in when I am creating photographic art from places I visit, things I see or moments I can create, a wise photographer had once told me that photography is all about 'creating pictures'. I passionately enjoy immersing myself in the art and the related technologies, usually as if possessed and losing all track of time. I love the whole process from start to finish.

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